Graphics awesomeness, circa 1990

Ian Moss juxtaposed an interesting pair of vintage videos. First there’s “The mighty Quantel Paintbox with its custom hardware and 10 years of knowhow behind it…”

“…versus version 1 of Adobe Photoshop, running on a Macintosh Classic for a 10th of the cost.”

The second vid’s a bit misleading as it shows PS 1.0 running on Mac Plus (from 1986) “with 1-bit (black&white) display, 8MHz CPU and 4MB RAM.” Here’s Photoshop co-creator John Knoll re-creating his original Photoshop demo:

8 thoughts on “Graphics awesomeness, circa 1990

  1. I’m confused by the two cursers on the John Knoll video. Was it really like that back then?
    [Yeah, that confused me, too; not really sure what was going on there. I think it’s some artifact of the video production, not something that represents how PS or the Mac worked back then. –J.]

    1. There was no such thing in PS 2 on System 7.1.
      The screen captures in the video look like they are done on an emulator (they look too perfect), that’s probably the cause for the 2 cursors.

  2. Back in 2005-ish I remember getting a free DVD with some exclusive PC magazine and received PS trial version for free. It was so very exciting and my old desktop could barely handle PS then.
    I still use PS along with LR but have heaps of computing power to handle them both along with a very large monitor.
    Love PS and LR.

  3. I have known the name Photoshop for a very long time, but in 2008/2009 watching Bert Monroy on the pixelperfect show, i fell in love, πŸ™‚
    Now a proud owner of Photoshop CS6 ext, and Lightroom 4 licenses.
    Hail to the People at Adobe πŸ™‚

  4. I was amused to see several images in that Quantel demo that I know were done on a Mac, because a friend of mine did them. He drew them in PixelPaint. I won’t identify the images or the artist, but I bet Jerry Harris would recognize them.

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