Learn about the Adobe Web hosting you're already getting

If you’re subscribing to Creative Cloud, you’ve got access to Web hosting powered by Adobe Business Catalyst. (Bet you didn’t know!)  Check it out tomorrow in a live demo/Q&A at noon Pacific:

Build everything from stunning website to powerful online stores, without server-side coding. Learn about Business Catalyst’s tight integration with Dreamweaver CS6.

  • Create and publish BC websites online right from within Dreamweaver
  • Insert dynamic modules such as blogs, photo galleries and more, without server-side coding
  • Customer lead capture with database integration, in just minutes
  • Set up a a fully-featured online store with payment integration in a few clicks 
  • Easily host your site online with a few simple steps

4 thoughts on “Learn about the Adobe Web hosting you're already getting

  1. What are the advantages of using Business Catalyst over other solutions, like WordPress, Shopify, etc?
    If you had to move this blog from WordPress to a BC based system, how would you feel about it?

  2. Catalyst is good if you already have Creative Suite, particularly the Adobe Touch app PROTO and you want to test or demo your website.
    Its really good in my opinion for students who may not want to invest in web hosting but still wan to display their project live on the web.

  3. That’s amazing. I didn’t know that Adobe is providing a web hosting. Is this package available alone or one have to buy Creative cloud to test it out.

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