Video: Ski Shredding

Check out a lovely bit of filmmaking (dig those close-ups & sparks) featuring dirty-snow aerial mayhem (you’ll see):

[Via Justin Cole]

3 thoughts on “Video: Ski Shredding

  1. That’s by far my favourite ski video and one of my favourite bit of short film making full stop. Simply beautiful.
    Always a joy to watch.

  2. I used to work in a city centre outdoor sports shop with some ski guys who always brought their skis to work when there was even a hint of snow on the ground so they could go play in the street outside the shop. It was great to watch them linking the white bits together and then the sparks when they hit grey.
    It got some great PR for the shop, but also a few complaints from alarmed pedestrians.

  3. Almost forgot in my reverie, brilliant video, will def be downloading that, link to itunes download
    (Sorry John, I hope you don’t mind the link. I couldn’t find any link above and there was no other title info.)

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