A creepy look at the future of augmented reality

You know this is coming. You know it’ll be almost impossible to resist.

“The more we use knowledge found on the Internet (and not in our own minds) the less capacity we have to actually hold that knowledge internally.” Seems about right. [Via]

6 thoughts on “A creepy look at the future of augmented reality

  1. It’s as much about the gamification of everything.
    (And I love how after CRTs have been gone for a full decade now, the shrinking horizontal white line still represents “shutting off”).

    1. @Mike: We already can’t trust what we see because our perception is not representing the actual state. Read about optical illusions (@neiltyson: “THESE ARE BRAIN FAILURES not optical illusions!”), bugs in our focus system (see the video with the Gorilla) and how the brain makes up the picture from what our two eyes see. It’s all filtered, calculated, rendered and fixed. And not “the reality”.
      Right now.
      The difference with AR will be that human (behaviour) failure will kick in if we are using AR. See the reports about all the hacks in insuline pumps, heart pacemakers, earing aids and so on.

  2. That’s partially very, very creepy. Dating someone and scanning available social media, updating online dating platforms, measuring, all in near real time… Sounds like an augmented reality type of Gattaca. Somehow scaring.

  3. Hej, I’m from east Germany and lived my whole life under surveillance. Now society is heading into a future, where everyone is able to access much data about virtually everyone by just looking at someone. So this is Project Glass in perfection. Brave new world?

  4. I thought this was going to be about corrective vision hardware! (I wear hard contacts due to a condition called keratoconus) But it was fun to watch none the less.

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