A little girl's 3D-printed "Magic Arms"

“You know, a lot of people in our industry spend time making a lot of useless technology,” says Margot. “And then there’s this.”

Here’s more info about the exoskeleton. [Via Matthew Richmond]

4 thoughts on “A little girl's 3D-printed "Magic Arms"

  1. John, Thank you for this. It is a brilliant presentation and so off of the normal technology path to touch us in places we didn’t know were so sensitive. What a wonderful application of our technologies to be something more than just visual!

  2. It is truly wonderful to see technology used to power lives, to change lives…it’s beautifully affirming to see people dedicate their gifts toward helping others through their hard work and resources.
    Thank you for sharing, Mr. Nack.

  3. Damn you Nack! This made my new Retina display all blurry, and I have mundane, non-life-changing work to do.
    [Beware of your room filling with eyeball-seeking dust particles. 🙂 –J.]

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