Adobe Muse demo/Q&A tomorrow

“Oh yeah, Muse–that looks cool; I keep meaning to learn more about it…” Well, Friday would be a good time to grab a sandwich & check it out; noon Pacific.

You’ll see how to quickly lay a smart foundation for your site using site maps and master pages, learn how to combine imagery, graphics, and beautiful typography using web fonts served by the Adobe Typekit service, and engage your audiences by adding interactive elements including custom navigation, slide shows and accordions. When you’re ready to take your site live, learn how to publish using a third-party hosting provider or with the Adobe Business Catalyst service, our flexible, all-in-one hosting solution.

One thought on “Adobe Muse demo/Q&A tomorrow

  1. I will give my .02. I love Muse, it’s honestly the easiest web site layout program I have ever used. I created my wife’s real estate site with it very quickly and easily. Kudos to the Muse team. Full disclosure, I work for Adobe but not on the Muse team. Great work Muse!

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