Adobe's Proto wireframing tool gets new features

Adobe Proto lets you create interactive wireframes of websites and apps right on your iPad or Android tablet. Check out what’s new in today’s v1.5 release:

  • New Features
    • Email interactive wireframe ( as attachment
    • Share interactive wireframe via Dropbox and other Apps
    • Copy & Paste objects to different pages
    • Paste and Pin objects across selected pages (i.e. share objects across pages)
    • Pin wireframe objects across all pages
    • Global Menu (By default, Menu bar objects are pinned across all pages)
    • Z-order change via Context Menu
    • Lock and Unlock object for editing
    • Show current page number while previewing a project in the App
    • Rename project name in the action bar (title) of the editor
    • Show undo/redo count
  • Enhancements
    • Objects should snap to both CSS Column and Design Grid
    • Better Code Generation
      • Code generated is now ordered according to the appearance in the page and so is now more structured hierarchically
      • All pinned objects generate a separate common CSS file (common.css)

One thought on “Adobe's Proto wireframing tool gets new features

  1. Hey John, that’s great news about the updates, but I noticed that the (Apple) App store has 1.5 – updated Aug. 13th, but the (Android) Play store is still on 1.1 – last updated February 16, 2012.
    I’m running it on both iPad and ThinkPad tablets and was wondering if it has been updated on Android and the Play store is just slow to release?
    Can’t wait to try some of these features out.

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