Photoshop CS6 13.0.1 available; update on Retina plans

The Photoshop team has updated CS6 to version 13.0.1, addressing a number of functional, crashing, and performance problems discovered in the app. To get the update, choose Help->Updates within Photoshop. For more details on what’s been changed, check out this post.

Updating Photoshop to offer native support of Mac Retina displays is a big task & remains a work in progress. Maria Yap provides some info:

To enable HiDPI display support in Photoshop requires the replacement of 2500 icons and cursors and other engineering work which will be complete and ready for customers this fall.

It’s important to distinguish bug fixes (like the 13.0.1 update) and compatibility changes (like the Retina update & regular Camera Raw releases*) from new feature releases (like yesterday’s Illustrator update). Maria notes:

We will continue to release security patches, bug fixes and support new hardware changes, like HiDPI display support, to all of our customers outside of our regular development cycles just as we have always done.

So, at risk of over-explaining: The arrival of the subscription-licensing option doesn’t take anything away from what’s always been available, and it doesn’t force you to subscribe just to get fixes & compatibility updates. Instead, it’s just a new option providing a benefit (periodic new features) that wasn’t available previously.

*Like Retina support, these updates provide the same features with new hardware.

47 thoughts on “Photoshop CS6 13.0.1 available; update on Retina plans

  1. I heard that Photoshop was being updated, but have heard nothing about any other applications — I’m interested in knowing whether there is a plan to upadte After Effects to HDPI.
    [Maria’s post talks about other apps, but it doesn’t mention AE. I’ll ask whether I can share more info. –J.]
    I just want to know one way or the other — I don’t expect Adobe to make a new version or add functionality for every new laptop feature that comes out instantly (or at all).

  2. “Instead, it’s just a new option providing a benefit (periodic new features) that wasn’t available previously” – while reminding customers who paid full price upfront rather than rental, that they are second class citizens.
    Sorry John. I know you have this public blog, and so you hear the good and the bad. But I like many other Adobe customers, just really don’t like this new scheme Adobe is trying to rope it’s users into.
    [I do appreciate your & others’ perspectives, Rene. That’s really the main reason I have the blog, so thanks for weighing in. –J.]

  3. I see plenty of critical comments here about the Creative Cloud subscription model. As a subscriber myself, I’m delighted with it. Previously I could only afford to buy Photoshop, which I’ve used for years. Now I have the entire Creative Suite at my fingertips for a modest outlay each month. It’s a no-brainer from my viewpoint.

  4. Anything about pricing, I’ve had to leave Photoshop open for 5 days now, because I don’t want to pay for a new version of CS6, to get the Retina update/upgrade.

  5. the announcement said retina was free. You can most likely find that in print somewhere I think
    [Correct, it’s free for all CS6 customers, subscription or otherwise. –J.]

  6. Ok, so I’m confused. I always upgrade to the latest version of CS Design Premium. I’m retired, so my use isn’t what it used to be, but I still use it pretty much regularly. My daughter, now a major in fashion and advertising photography in the U of the Arts, London, has it on her MacBook Pro and iMac as well. She’s been using PS, Illustrator and Indesign since junior high school.Three machines, as per the license.
    But I haven’t upgraded as yet, because while the sub is enticing, I don’t know if it can go on more than one machine. If not, it’s useless to us.. What’s the situation with this?
    [My understanding is that you can authorize two machines to run your apps, just as you can with the traditional license. One nice difference is that you can make one a Mac & one a PC, which you can’t do with the older style of license.

  7. Recreate 2500 icons??? Last I checked, Adobe was a graphics company, right? You mean to tell me that Adobe does not have resolution independent vector graphics available for their applications? i.e. shouldn’t it be a “5 minute job” to render retina versions of the icons and push out an update. It boggles the mind really.

  8. Couple things. In your “Post A Comment” clicking TAB does not properly jump to the next field but rather jumps to the top of the page.
    Second, as Risto mentioned the 2,500 icons are presumably all vector but understand that simply making them bigger rather than recreating with additional detail can be time consuming. But wasn’t Photoshop with Retina demoed during Apple’s event on a Retina MacBook Pro meaning the text engine and main facing icons have already been updated?
    Finally, I’m glad to hear the retina is considered a “compatibility issue” and not a “new feature” as some companies are calling it and that it will be free and we will not have to wait until CS7 to see it in all the products. That being said, what about Adobe Fireworks? It never get Cocoa and now no mention of Retina. Since Adobe has made no mention of it are we to believe then that Adobe is currently not working on any Retina changes to Fireworks and thus if Photoshop will take months then Fireworks will be at the earliest 2013 if ever? Any information will be very helpful. Thank you John.

  9. Hi there,
    Since Adobe doesn’t seem to care about the old fashioned customers that buy the software box version and install it on their Retina Laptop. I just want to state my complete disappointment that Adobe keeps me hanging with an almost unusable Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS6 on my all new MacBook/Retina.
    I can somehow understand, that updating the products takes some time, but Adobe must have know before hands that these products will be published by Apple. Moreover I’m quite upset to read that Adobe is planing to keep me hanging even longer, since the cloud versions will be updates first. So I’m a second class customer now? My money is worth less or what? I’m imagine me doing the same thing with my customers – just unthinkable!

  10. Wow! how ignorant. The PS update is available to all. I have it on my desktop and laptop with the ‘box’ design suite. Its a free download as advertised.
    It is also stated here about 4 posts back.

  11. oops; maybe a moderately big blunder: while the retina update is announced as free for all, and also so stated about 5 (now) posts up, I have the 13.01.1 update and to be honest don’t know if that included retina yet or not.

  12. Dear John.
    I have an mid. 2009 Macbook Pro with 2,26GHz C2D, 9400M graphics and 8GB RAM running Snow Leopard. I work in CS5.5. I do wait for retina support since I’d like to upgrade my computer.
    The question I have is whether CS6 in the meantime will work great on my MBP or does it need better hardware? I don’t want to see any performance downgrades due to my hardware.. 🙂
    Kind regards

  13. THis is EXTREMELY frustrating. Almost every app I use has been updated for retina for months… but Adobe still hasn’t released an update. Considering the fact that designers and photographers are most attracted to the retina displays, you’d think Adobe would be all over this. Is this a sign of the deteriorated relationship between Apple and Adobe? Regardless, as a CreativeCloud customer, I’m VERY frustrated that CS6 still hasn’t been updated. Has anyone in Adobe actually opened their apps on a retain display? They look like total trash. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s COMPLETELY UNUSABLE. I basically can’t use this expensive computer for any design work in Photoshop or Illustrator.

    1. I AGREE 100% with your statement everything you just said. I bought the 15′ MBP retina of design work using adobe products. I am completely disappointed with the way it looks on screen. especially in Illustrator. It’s a shame when fonts and graphics are all blurry in a vector program.

  14. I can understand that its probably a lot of work to adapt CS6 to retina display and I would accept the latency, but right now there isn’t even a latency. I just hear “we’re working on it..” “it’s going to be released within next months”, but nothing comes, not even any more information. It seems to me that Adobe doesn’t care about its customers..

  15. …and that’s why I use the cracked version. Am I an idiot to pay that ridiculous money for the sw and not having the update I need in like 6 months???

  16. Hey Adobe, it would be really nice of you guys if you could provide your lovely customers with a release date for the Retina update for the Creative Suit. What do you think?
    You don’t think it would be fair to give us a date at least? Don’t tell me you guys don’t have a deadline for that 🙂
    But hey…I’m just another customer…who cares, right? 🙂
    Take your time…Take more 6 months to update. Ah, what the heck, take another year to update, it’s not a problem…We only spent over 2k on the rMBP so it’s not a big deal…We can just buy another machine meanwhile and use your sw.
    But hey…I dont even buy the softwares anyway, so no harm right? 🙂
    But thanks anyway.

    1. Sorry … what? Use another machine? I use a 15 inch retina Macbook Pro and it runs exactly the same as when I used a 15 inch 2011 Macbook Pro. How is there any issue that can be fixed by a Retina update? Everything still works fine. Sure, I want Retina mode too … but that’s really low on the priority list surely?

  17. Dear Adobe,
    I would like to have the Retina update for the Creative Suite by tomorrow if it’s not ask too much.

  18. I’m okay if they don’t update the interface and the “2500 icons” immediately. They simply need to update the canvas performance so the work “looks” right. Why can’t they stagger a few releases, get the functionality first, then polish all their silly icons.
    Oh wait, because they have no competition.
    [That must be it. –J.]

  19. I would like to chime in as well. 7th of november is really late in the fall – and still no update. What frustrates me even more is that there is no word on which applications will be updated to Retina. It is a must for photoshop and lightroom – but also really a must for InDesign where fonts look really really bad.
    It would be nice if Adobe would provide their loyal customers with some serious feedback on these issues.

  20. seriously ready for retina support. bought cs6 expecting the app suite to look beautiful… and find myself using setresX to switch to full 2880×1800, and dealing with very small text on the screen. first world problems for sure, but dang i find myself sometimes wishing i had bought aperture instead.

  21. I totally agree. We recently bought the CS6 upgrade to use it on my new Macbook Retina at work… very disappointed to find that the retina display has yet to be supported! We have paid a fortune for this software… i’d expect more from this.

  22. Wow, really people? You’re saying you expect Retina support that much? I’m excited about Retina support, but really … the most importanrt thing in Photoshop for me is stability, usability and features. Retina display icons etc is not a feature. It’s a slight enhancement. It makes zero difference to the user beyond being crisper icons and text in the interface. Nothing about the use of the product will change.

    1. Dave, when you use Photoshop to create user interfaces it is important that you are able to preview your work accurately. The most important thing is not stability and usability but being able to see what you are working on with accuracy.

      1. While I do see a benefit to having Retina mode on the Mac, I make user interfaces for a living and only slightly agree with you on that. For mobile development, I have tools to preview direct to the devices in question. For previewing work on Retina Mac, I use Preview, as it simply shows the work at the full 1:1 retina resolution.
        Yes, I do want retina mode on CS6. Of course I do, and I understand there’s issues surrounding the development of art for interfaces. But I must admit, there’s a few bugs in CS6 that I would much rather see fixed before worrying about Retina. Retina mode will come soon I’m sure. It’s the last month of the year soon and I suspect it’ll come out in that time. But I’m hoping bugs such as fixed aspect ratio (with SHIFT) shapes snapping to sub-pixels is fixed. Far more frustrating than a lack of HiPDPI mode. 🙂

  23. Dear Adobe,
    I know you and Apple have since divorced and moved on from a long and prosperous marriage, but please remember: you guys had kids out of this marriage—smart, passionate, and loyal kids, might I add. Who are the kids? Your customers.
    So please ponder this question: Will you continue to take your time with Retina support due to a spat with your “Ex” (Apple), or will you think about what’s really important—your kids (loyal customers) and their future?
    Let it marinate for a minute, but please don’t tarry too long. Your kids need you.

  24. In many ways this is the wrong place for this discussion – I did not buy Photoshop CS6 for the retina-support. But I did buy the Macbook Retina to run Photoshop on it, and Photoshop had a very prominent placement in the Apple-keynote. It was clearly understood that Retina-support from Adobe would come soon. That is why we are disappointed. Because somewhere between the promises made by Apple and the delivery from Adobe something went wrong. Surely Adobe knew what the challenge was going to be – and still someone at Adobe allowed the keynote to present Photoshop as “almost ready”.
    For me I am primarily disappointed by the lack of retina-support in InDesign. Type does look really really bad as it is right now.

  25. I’ve noticed that if you install bootcamp on the retina and install CS6 on the windows side, you’re able to design at the full retina density.
    Currently this is the only workaround I’ve found.

  26. Any time now. Bought a 15″ MBP Retina display after the keynote featuring Photoshop. Still can’t use photoshop. Not a happy customer after forking over the cash for CS6. You know, a lot of premium Adobe customers also happen to be Apple customers. These two companies need to sort out their corporate bickering or both will lose. Apple needs to get Adobe the APIs early for testing and Adobe needs to get over flash. Let’s move on people.

  27. Folks, for now you can run your desktops at 2880×1800 and get full retina display in the entire Creative Suite. Yes, you need glasses to see your icons and text, but you get full resolution graphics and it’s amazing.

  28. Hello, actually the “Retina support” has only affected the text in Ps an Ai, not the graphic….! with all respect for you guys, Com on Adobe…! Without that i know so much about it, i would gueis that it can`t be so hard to update the graphics? or is it just because you are going 100% for the Adobe Cloud Apps..?
    It is an extreme huge problem for graphicers, that they only can see what they are doing in Ai in pixy resolution on Retina!
    I hope for the best! And keep up the good the work!
    P.s bannish flash 😉

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