Mars Rover's wheels embed Morse Code

This is some of the most unique typography (if you can call it that) I’ve heard of in a while: the wheels of the Curiosity Rover feature a custom pattern that spells out “JPL” (for Jet Propulsion Laboratory) in Morse Code in the vehicle’s tire tracks.


2 thoughts on “Mars Rover's wheels embed Morse Code

  1. Life really is a circle.
    I joined my first ship as a ‘Sparks’ (Radio Officer) in the 1970s – long, long before the Internet. Our only means of long distance ship/shore and ship/ship communications using HF (high frequency) radio was Morse code via places like (for those who can remember) Portishead Radio – – where I eventually worked for a time.
    Very good to see that Morse is very much still with us but in a somewhat different form. I think one or two of the early satellites had a Morse code ‘signature’ and I still use Morse code regularly on the Amateur Radio bands.
    As far as I am aware, the Morse code signals I transmitted never reached Mars but then you never know……maybe some little green guy with two heads and six eyes was listening to my ever dot and dash!
    _…/./…/- .–/../…/…././… & 73s
    [Heh heh–cool. –J.]

  2. Richard I think what you typed in morse code at the end was Best Wishes, but what is typed in code is beskishes. Its been since 1969 since I took morsecode at fort knox. Correct me if I wrong. ..–..

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