Introducing Adobe Anywhere: Badass video collaboration

I’m delighted that Adobe has officially unveiled Adobe Anywhere, our collaborative workflow platform for video. You can use After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Prelude to manipulate assets on a server, letting people team up across locations, devices, and networks.
Seeing is believing: I’ve gotten to sit next to PM Michael Coleman as he cruises through high-res video on his MacBook Air, and you’d swear he was tethered to a brawny machine under the desk–not talking via WiFi to a server hundreds of miles away. Here’s a quick demo:

I’m especially proud as this is the project that the other leading Adobe Nack, my wife Margot, has been working on for quite some time. Congrats to the whole team!

5 thoughts on “Introducing Adobe Anywhere: Badass video collaboration

  1. When will the public learn when to expect a release date for this new service? And how is plugin functionality shared if one of the computers does not have the same inventory of plugins?

    1. @Josh — Totally. I’m the product manager for Adobe Anywhere, and I am so jealous of the bandwidth going in in KC. We should really try to get a system over there and see what you guys could do with it. 🙂
      @Jwise — Karl has it right. We’re are in serious development mode so more details to come later. Stay tuned.

  2. Adobe Anywhere looks amazing. Google is supposed to start hooking homes up here in Kansas City to their gigabit fiber in just a few days. I can’t believe these two resources are coming out around the same time. My entire workflow is going to change for the better. So glad I made the switch to Premiere Pro!
    [Heh–I was joking with someone the other day that “We’re gonna be huge in Kansas City!!” But the real beauty here is that you don’t need an exotic connection for EA to work. –J.]

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