Typography: Every single Unicode character in sequence

Why, exactly, Joerg Piringer decided to make a 30-minute movie that “shows all displayable characters in the unicode range 0-65536 (49571 characters), one character per frame,” I can’t really imagine. Just to honor its sheer craziness, however, I share it here:

“The sound is me reciting the alphabet (in German). One letter per frame.” Here’s more info on the project. [Via Carolina DeBartolo]

3 thoughts on “Typography: Every single Unicode character in sequence

  1. Just for the record: generating the source images for such a movie takes maybe a dozen lines or so of ExtendScript code with either Photoshop or Illustrator. Premier can slurp a folder full of such images into a movie in one go.
    Now, what would be cool is having the letter forms smoothly morph from one to the next. That would take a bit more code.

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