Interpolate Extension for Photoshop CS6

Newly available via Adobe Labs:

Smoothly blend between colors in Photoshop CS6.

The Interpolate extension for Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 (currently for Mac only) provides two new filters based on smoothly blending between colors.

The first filter, “Interpolate,” fills the transparent areas of the current layer with a smooth mix of the colors in the opaque areas.

The second filter, “Match Edges,” changes the colors at the edges of the current layer to match those of the layer below it, and smoothly distributes this change through the layer.

3 thoughts on “Interpolate Extension for Photoshop CS6

  1. John, I have a question about the CS6/7 upgrade transition. When the time comes, will you post an announcement on your blog with firm cutoff dates for all us CS5/5.5 laggards so we don’t miss the last chance to upgrade to CS6?
    Also, are you gonna have a JDI suggestion day here, as you’ve done in the past?

  2. Hi John, I installed this using the extension manager, but it doesn’t show u[ in my Window menu on CS6 Mac. Any ideas?
    [Look at the bottom of the Filter menu. Do they show up there? They do for me. –J.]

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