I need to hire a server ninja

Engineers: I’m part of a seriously cool new project at Adobe, working with a rather kickass team (brave talk, but you’ll see). If you have skills like these, we should talk:

  • Experience with developing and deploying applications and infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Chef
  • Experience with scaling data storage with MySQL and non-traditional data stores (preferably Redis, Mongo or Elasticsearch)

Here’s the complete job listing. Ideally you’d work from Seattle, but we can discuss that.

Let’s do this thing!

[Update: Another server-savvy position is open in Creative Cloud engineering.]

2 thoughts on “I need to hire a server ninja

  1. I bet Madman Eric Chan knows someone. If he doesn’t, ask Glenn Fleishman and/or Matt Deatherage. There’s no way you’ll come away empty-handed after consulting with those guys.
    And I wish I knew what seriously cool project Adobe has cooking. Is it related to the new stuff Eric and TK are working on?

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