Illustration: Re-creating John Lennon's poster

Beatles fan Peter Dean enlisted woodcarver Andy English in re-creating a Victorian circus poster that inspired John Lennon to write the song Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, which appeared on The Beatles’ 1967 album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band:

Lennon bought the poster in an antiques shop and hung it in his music room. While writing for Sgt. Pepper one day, he drew inspiration from the quirky, old-fashioned language and set the words to music… It is printed in a limited edition of 1,967.

Make Productions nicely tells the story:



2 thoughts on “Illustration: Re-creating John Lennon's poster

  1. This is absolute madness, but a beautiful madness and one that I can *totally* relate to. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

  2. Hi John
    I just recently came across this video myself. It is absolutely wonderful. A friend sent it me when I was doing research for an illustration exhibition that took place in Dublin last month. It was the Illustrated Beatles exhibtion. The idea was 40 member of Illustrators Ireland guild illustrated a Beatles song. The song I got was …. “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”. I created my illustration using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and you can see it here if you’d like to take a peek.
    You can also see some of the other amazing illustrations of Beatles songs here –
    The show was a big success and their are plans for it to tour.
    Apologies for this long-winded comment – I just got very excited when I saw this on your blog : )

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