A Photoshop & Cloud event, coming Dec. 5

 At Create Now Live, you’ll:

  • Be one of the first to hear what’s next in Adobe® Creative Cloud™.
    • See what’s next in Adobe Photoshop®.
    • Explore ways to take your design skills from print to online and mobile.
    • Learn how teams can work better together with Creative Cloud.
  • Learn from creative innovators.
    • Iconic design agency Karlssonwilker talks about taking their unique design sensibility to the web.
    • Go behind the scenes of “A Liars Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman” with Animation Director Justin Weyers.
    • Scott Kelby shows off hidden gems in Photoshop CS6.
Please RSVP on the site, where you can find a more detailed schedule.

7 thoughts on “A Photoshop & Cloud event, coming Dec. 5

  1. So looks like we won’t be getting Photoshop Retina until Dec 5 when I imagine they will announce it at this event.

  2. What’s next in PS? A short wishlist from me:
    Fix Photomerge so it doesn’t stop working at random and require you to nuke all your PS preferences to get it going again. Or at the very least, make our saved preference files include EVERYTHING, including things like scratch disk and performance settings.
    Fix image rendering so you don’t get random lines on smart objects that have transformations applied to them.
    Fix image rendering so you don’t have to view complicated layer stacks at 100% to see what the actual finished product will look like.
    Fix image rendering so you don’t get random patches and stripes of false transparency.
    Fix the color picker so it’s not broken and user unfriendly. Let us disable _all_ shortcuts to it as well so we won’t ever bring it up by mistake.
    Make brush key+click shortcuts user definable.
    Turn flick panning off by default.
    I’m still using CS5.5, but I know that at least some of these bugs are still present in CS6 (like the horrible color picker), and I suspect that all of them are, given that most of them have been carried over from CS4 or earlier.

  3. I have a question (doubt) about adobe cloud:
    If I payed one year only (US$ 49,00 x 12) for Photoshop..
    After that It still be mine?
    because if I purchase a DVD it’ll be mine forever even if I never update it…
    But I do not know if PS Clouded it’ll be mine after a year paid….
    please tell me

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