Last day to switch from Final Cut, Avid, & save 40%

After an amazingly successful run, today’s the last day to get in on a great offer:

With Creative Cloud, you can download every Adobe post-production tool — including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop, along with Adobe Prelude™ for logging, SpeedGrade™ for color grading, and Story Plus for scriptwriting — for just US$29.99 a month.

Use Production Premium promo code: SWITCH. Creative Cloud discount applied automatically. Hurry, offer ends November 30, 2012. See details.

2 thoughts on “Last day to switch from Final Cut, Avid, & save 40%

  1. LOL.. I was recently in a room with 500+ Lightroom users
    am the question was asked “Who is using Creative Cloud”?
    About 10 people put up their hand.
    Overkill and just an annuity for Mother Adobe.
    Adobe should consider Creative Cloud Lite.
    [What would that entail? What would best meet your needs? –J.]

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