Film: "A Day In India"

Sustainable-food company The Perennial Plate has captured a visually sumptuous look at India:

It’s hard to put your camera down in India. With so much beauty and filth, food and poverty, happiness and stress: its an overwhelming (and wonderful) place to film. We came back exhausted, full and still overwhelmed (this time with the task of editing all the footage into a short video). Because India is a big place, and each area varies dramatically, we attempted to construct a day across India: from north to south, from dawn till dusk.

2 thoughts on “Film: "A Day In India"

  1. Hey John, This is a great video, no doubt, but really only shows the lowest end of India and not at all any of the real beauty. Also all the food shown was just food from one small region and mostly street food. Good attempt, great video, but does not portray at least 5% of what India is.

  2. Beautiful video! Congrats!
    India is a gargantuan collage of stunning imagery! Different peoples, diverse ethnicity, shocking culture, laid-back attitude, friendly smiles and lots more. You can’t capture it in a few days. It will take months and months to capture and be captivated by the beauty called India. Since your focus was on street food, I understand. Thanks!

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