Photoshop Touch comes to iPhone & Android!

I’m delighted to see that following up on the very popular tablet version, Photoshop Touch for phone is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for $4.99. PM Stephen Nielson writes,

Much like the tablet version, Photoshop Touch on the phone has core Photoshop features like layers, advanced selections tools, adjustments and filters. We also packed in features exclusive to Photoshop Touch, like Scribble Selection for high-precision selections using only your finger, and Camera fill for real-time creative blending of your camera feed with layers. This app features the same creative filters as the tablet version, like Color Drops and Acrylic Paint, and also a new Ripple filter.

With Photoshop Touch and the Adobe Creative Cloud, I can start a project on my phone, continue it on my tablet, and polish it off at my desk in Photoshop CS6. Photoshop Touch will automatically keep my projects in sync on each device, at the full resolution and with all the layers intact. This capability is available to every customer with a free Creative Cloud account. There is no paid subscription requirement for syncing.

Give it a whirl & please let us know what you think.


10 thoughts on “Photoshop Touch comes to iPhone & Android!

    1. Air Native Extensions? Is it possible Adobe will release some of them or maybe create an ADC article about how to do complex ANE’s? It seems sometimes like anything even remotely tied to Flash is taboo, but Air really is a great platform with good reach. I hate to seeing it get neglected (everything seems to be Phonegap these days). As a Flex and Air developer, it often times feels cold and lonely in Adobe-land.

    1. John said it was Adobe Air and as far as I know, there is no plan to port Adobe Air to windows (sucks, I know)…if that indeed is true, then you won’t see a port to Windows 8/RT.

    2. I’d much rather see better multi-touch support and scalable UI (for high pixel density screens) on the full Photoshop for Windows 8. Sure it runs great on the Surface Pro with a stylus, but the UI could use some major improvements.

        1. Yes, they didn’t implement the Wintab API’s in the drivers yet for PS pressure support (they’re working on it), but it’s still a 100 times better than using a trackpad or mouse on the train. It’s much faster than my old tablet PC from 2010 and much better than an iPad or Android tablet that can’t even open RAW files larger than 12Mp. I’m very impressed with it.

  1. its very nice app for tablets and smart phones . we are editing psd files in galaxy note . its very good app for image editing files.

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