Demo: Hidden gems in Photoshop CS6

Photoshop PM Bryan O’Neil Hughes writes, “This presentation of Hidden Gems was popular enough to get a second session added and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I don’t touch CC (as that’s all still a “hidden gem”), and instead focus mainly on CS6 (though I also show some cool stuff in CS5 and CS4… and people really seemed to appreciate that).”

13 thoughts on “Demo: Hidden gems in Photoshop CS6

  1. The entire video was layered with awesome nitty-gritty tricks. But the “mind-blowing” feature was tutorial builder and its resulting output. Wowza. I was truly not expecting that. Great presentation. Thanks.

  2. adobe tv is so very useless.
    [How so? Your fake email address prevents me from asking you directly. –J.]

    1. Probably doesn’t have flash installed.
      Me either on this system, so I shift to a machine that does.

    2. John, the only complaint I have about Adobe TV is that it doesn’t appear to have the ability to automatically switch to HD format when I make it go full-screen on my 27″ iMac. I have to pause the video, hit the HD button, then wait for the video to re-sync at the new resolution. Better still, if Adobe TV could be watched on the iPad, that would be ace.

  3. Now that was very useful as it took my mind of of the CC (active consumer) debate.
    Bryan, you said you routinely spoke to customers…perhaps you should resample and report back . I bet they have different Adobe views than two weeks ago.

  4. Fantastic presentation! Thank you for sharing.
    Ashraf was right. The mind blowing feature was the tutorial builder.
    FFA doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  5. One should note that this Video deals with quite a few hidden gems which one won’t find as a regular CS6 user as Adobe released all new features from the CS6 release cycle only to subscription customers.
    Examples are conditional actions and Liquify as a Smart Filter.

  6. I watched this whole thing. It makes me nostalgic, first for the days when the “what’s new” info was front and center part of every release, with its own section in the printed manual (or even a smaller manual of its own?). In recent years the (very good!) changes have been more buried, quite often.
    Mostly watching this makes me nostalgic for the many years I felt that I was absolutely certainly moving forward with Photoshop, and Adobe, no question. Now I feel great trepidation adopting any new workflow dependent on Adobe. The Creative Cloud nonsense might work out so that it’s less onerous for users, and maybe someday I will buy into it. Meanwhile I always have my eye on the door and am looking for/hoping for other workflows that don’t feel as much like a kick in the stomach from a company I trusted.

    1. John, you’ve reminded me about the one thing that I really wish was better – the online documentation for Adobe’s software. On the one hand, the online sites are at least up-to-date, but I think the organisation and navigation could user some work. On the other hand, the PDF manuals are not regularly updated, so I find myself having to close the PDF and wait for Adobe Help Manager to update all of the content. There should be a way to have these documentation updates hooked into Adobe Application Manager instead. Just a thought.

  7. Wow! Having jumped pretty much straight from CS3 to CS6, just about all of these gems are new to me. Saving this page to Pocket so I remember to come back and watch this again. 🙂 Tutorial builder in particular looks like it could be really useful – it would be even cooler if this could somehow be adapted to work in other Adobe tools like Illustrator or InDesign. What would be the best way of getting feedback to Adobe to make this happen?

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