5 thoughts on “UI Demo: Razer Switchblade running Photoshop

  1. “. . . to see the different layers I have going on, and how they’re applicating. . . .” (at :33) Applicating? Is this how software engineers talk among themselves when no one else is listening? We’re doomed. Though now I do begin to better understand the thought process behind Windows 8.

  2. Living with that green keypad backlight would suck. 6.6 lbs. And can I calibrate that multifunction display pad so that swatches can be trusted?
    Razerzone is one gawdawful example of web design. It’s not a great way to sell a UI.

  3. The 9×12″ Wacom Intuos 2 had user-assignable function key areas along the top. I found I never used it. The context switch of looking away from the screen and back made these counter productive. Keyboard shortcuts work because they can be done without looking down and back up. Multitouch gestures seem like a better way to go, perhaps with some kind of HUD over the edited image.

  4. Looks like an, incredibly slow and ugly, replication of elements of the UI that is on the main screen – which I must look away from the main app UI to use?
    if you want looking away from the main interface to a secondary interface to be worthwhile… then the secondary interface must be radically better than the main interface.
    Which is something I’m not seeing with this (or Adobe Nav and other ‘iPad as controller’ apps).
    If i have to look away from the content that i’m working on, it better be for a REALLY good reason.

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