Steve Jobs & sedimentary layers

I love this short reflection from Steve Jobs, reflecting on technology, impermanence, and legacy.

It’s funny to hear him describe the Mac as being on its way out in 1994. By returning to Apple he invalidated his own prediction, and now at WWDC we hear Apple talking about a naming scheme for OS X for the next ten years. Funny old world. [Via]

One thought on “Steve Jobs & sedimentary layers

  1. What’s interesting to think about is that while the hardware and software will be a layer of sediment in a decade or two, many of the actual artifacts created by that software and hardware will still be around in some form – photographs, music, films, illustrations – the best of these will stand the test of time and live on for generations. I imagine, for example, that the movie UP isn’t going away any time soon, and it is a direct result of much of Job’s work in developing hardware and software.
    Those that made the technological breakthroughs centuries ago in plaster, pigment, and brush were the layer of sediment of their era. The frescos live on, when not being “restored” by well meaning incompetents.

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