Installing CC apps in multiple languages

In the past if you wanted multiple language versions of an Adobe app (say, Photoshop in English & German), you had to pay for two licenses. Things have changed for the better with Creative Cloud:

Learn how to download and install multiple language versions of any of the desktop applications included in Creative Cloud.

5 thoughts on “Installing CC apps in multiple languages

  1. Has things been fixed, or is this misleading? Last I checked, what’s said in the video is only true if the new language you’ve chosen is in the same language family (e.g., English and Spanish and German).
    If you installed Japanese then Arabic, Arabic overwrites your Japanese installation EVEN THOUGH the Application Manager still thinks Japanese is installed. If you then install French, French overwrites Arabic, even though the Application Manager still thinks both Japanese and Arabic are installed. When I did my test, the resultant copy of French wasn’t even functional (the UI came up in English although my UI language is French).

  2. I’ve desperately tried to make it work on a windows install. I managed to get Photoshop to work in 2 languages (defined from the PS preferences menu). However, all other apps make my day in only one chosen language. Reinstall needed with every language change. Even with different install directories. So, I claim it dosen’t work.

  3. Of course this is nice.
    That said… I have yet to discover the first true functionality advantage which clearly is a consequence of software renting and some online storage. Every perpetual user could enjoy exactly the same flexibility in terms of user preferences and language preferences on several machines and os’s. Given Adobe would allow this.

  4. After the first time I installed CC (Only English) I had to uninstall all and modify to my Language-support and this was done after a chat with the support in Holland.
    BTW – in the last 5-7 days or so the Application Manager cannot be updated – the install nver completes and I have no manager for the time being…. Does ADOBE have intyentions of fixing it ?

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