Bruce Lee gets unearthed through CGI

For real?

Creator Joseph Kahn writes,

My good friend BBH Creative Executive Johnny Tan and I first talked about doing this concept a year ago. We shot it in Hong Kong, and then we worked with vfx company The Mill in London to create a completely CGI Bruce Lee over nine months. EVERY shot of his head and every detail in there is completely cgi. We got Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, to come aboard and we really picked her brain to make sure that everything was accurate from look to soul. We wanted to be as respectful to the man and legend as we could.

Be like water, my friend, so that someday you may bend when they dig up & puppet you, too. [Vimeo] [Via Fran Roig]

7 thoughts on “Bruce Lee gets unearthed through CGI

  1. sorry but the skin texture is not very good.
    i have seen game characters and gfx card demos who looked more real then this.

  2. Yah, I have to agree that he doesn’t look all that real in this. Although I work in the VFX industry so I’m probably more sensitive than most when something looks off. Too bad they spent all that money and effort to resurrect an icon only to sell booze.

  3. They got so close here, but as the others said, there’s something that’s a little off. There’s a slight wiggle to his skin and hair that jumps out as being CG. If I didn’t know it was CG ahead of time and only casually saw this on TV, I might not have noticed.

  4. Great work. Biggest uncanny-valley for me was that he spoke Mandarin. 😉
    Trivia: Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco and did his most important work in Oakland. In Hong Kong he studied Wing Chun and Cha-Cha-Cha. His family’s house in Kowloon Park (a lovely area) was, last I checked, a short-term hotel.
    [And oddly enough, on my first date with her, my future wife took me to Bruce Lee’s grave in Seattle. –J.]
    At some point we’ll be able to recreate classic movie sets in CGI… have you seen the version of “Casablance” where Woody Allen sits in on clarinet with Dooley Wilson…? 😉

  5. Ah yes. Yet another great example of why we won’t be replacing real actors with “wannabe real human” CG any time soon (in anything worth watching at least). This is horrible. Didn’t strike me as any bit better than the Final Fantasy’s and Beowulf’s of our age. And I completely agree that it is shameful that they would use WHISKEY of all things as a (lame) excuse to “resurrect” him.

  6. If they truly wanted to be respectful, they wouldn’t be using somebody who shunned alcohol to promote it.
    Nor would they have taken the Cantonese-speaking Lee and made him speak Putonghua; they would have used subtitles.
    This isn’t art, it’s commercial tripe. And I agree, the skin tones and facial expressions stand out a more of as looking like CGI.

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