The Adobe Output Module returns, now in Bridge CC

Good news:

When Bridge CC shipped, it shipped without the Adobe Output Module, which allowed you to create PDF Presentations and Web Galleries. Adobe Output Module is now available for Bridge CC. Use the instructions below to install it.

Make sure you have the most recent version of Bridge CC installed. To check for updates, in Bridge, choose Help > Updates. Follow the instructions to install any updates.

Check out the page for download links & installation instructions. Update: Sorry, a database problem is presently causing trouble with the download links. If they’re not working for you, please try again in a bit.

40 thoughts on “The Adobe Output Module returns, now in Bridge CC

  1. Something else is gone from Bridge also. I found out the hard way. I was uploading photos from my camera into bridge. Somehow I unplugged my camera from bridge and was not able to finish.
    When I went back to finish, I had to reload every photo back in. As I remember bridge had a feature that allowed to “skip” duplicates. I had 503 raw photos and 3 video…..was a time consuming work. The blame of course was me, but disappointed in the removal feature from bridge.
    Hope Adobe will add this back at some time
    Ken in KY

  2. Just check my mac, went to bridge not output and I went to updater, it said no updates??
    Can you check with adobe bridge team as to the status?

  3. I downloaded the Mac files and put them in their proper places. I re-launched Bridge CC and got the “Enable?” message and clicked yes. I see the “Output” workspace and the “Output” tab, but it is blank, even after doing the “Possible issues” steps.
    What next?

  4. Great! But where`s the “export” panel? I miss it very much!And where`s any noticable progress since Bridge CS4?

  5. thank god i did not pay for CC…..
    adobe has nothing but cloud issues…. CC is not worth a free download…

  6. Is this what we are supposed to be getting ? a subscription service with a faulty updating system that has a non-functioning updating applications center software ?.
    I launced Bridge CC and there are no updates (WIn7 / 64 bits) and the application center program tried to update and could not complete.

  7. A day later the only update was to the Updater – nothing for Bridge. This CC experience is getting off to a slow start.

  8. John:
    Thank you for posting the news about the AOM replacement here.
    However, surely a Bridge CC Update (including the AOM) should have been posted immediately to the Creative Cloud Application Panel?
    It is wonderful that AOM has been replaced but why has it been posted so obscurely and been made so complicated for the average User to install?
    Wasn’t Adobe’s excuse for pushing everyone to purchase Cloud Subscriptions that we would all get seamless access to updates directly from the Cloud the moment that they were released?

  9. Followed the instructions and was asked if I wanted to enable the extension. I clicked yes but not output module. Looked in the “window” menu and the workspaces area. Got nada. I was hoping for better. FYI I’m on Windows 8 64bit.

  10. Instructions list folders that do not exit, some one needs to get ahead of this fiasco. How is it that Adobe can take the money every month but can’t get a simple mod like this done correctly. The help chat feels like a stalling attic, 20 minutes of time, chat person acts like he never heard of PS-CC, sent me off to another expert who never showed up………
    I know you can do better, question is when.

  11. I’m on mac and I can’t find the the folder “Adobe/Bridge CC Extensions” I have a folder called “Adobe/Bridge CC” I assume that’s the one but can’t get it to work. It shows up in Bridge but nothing happens when I click the Output name?

    1. Hi David,
      Make sure you browsed to the root Library and not the user Library.
      Mac OS: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Bridge CC Extensions
      After changing the location, launch Br and try resetting the Output panel.

  12. Really Adobe??! REALLY???!!
    After all the hoopla and fanfare rolling out CC and the “A+” Number 1 justification for moving all users to this subscription scheme was that you would be able to push out new features and fixes at a more nimble rate…and now this obscure kludgy approach is how you reinstate a hugely useful feature that you inexplicably left out of the CC version of Bridge??? I mean, thanks for the fix. It works great. But this is just mystifying that this is the route users need to take to update our app. Reminds me of another story…
    “But Mr Dent, the plans have been available in the local planning office for the last nine months.”
    “Oh yes, well as soon as I heard I went straight round to see them, yesterday afternoon. You hadn’t exactly gone out of your way to call attention to them, had you? I mean, like actually telling anybody or anything.”
    “But the plans were on display …”
    “On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.”
    “That’s the display department.”
    “With a flashlight.”
    “Ah, well the lights had probably gone.”
    “So had the stairs.”
    “But look, you found the notice didn’t you?”
    “Yes,” said Arthur, “yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard’.”

  13. John:
    This is the chance to show the naysayers that the CC system works. Instead of getting a message to update Bridge CC in the Adobe Creative Cloud, this obscure (to many) update was done offline as it were. I’m sure that many, like me, are riding Photoshop CC for a year, and then deciding whether to revert to my CS6 (owned). There have been exactly zero changes to CC, except for an update to the desktop app since the system launched (lurched?)
    I recommend that you get the decision makers to look at this fiasco and make the use of the CC updater mandatory from now on.
    I subscribe to your RSS feed, and pay attention, but your handlers have hung you out to dry this time.
    Good luck.

  14. And where is the usefull and fast Export Panel?
    Why do you kill a feature that was so well working?
    I had a lot of cool presets that I can’t use anymore. Very bad ideas, Adobe.
    Please bring it back again! Fast!

  15. But sadly that didn’t solve it. I now have just a blank output panel.
    Try this because it has worked to fix the blank AOM Panel for others:
    Install Bridge CS6 in addition to Bridge CC.
    It seems that some essential code is installed with CS6 which appears to be missing in Bridge CC at the moment.

  16. Yes thank you.
    It seems we did resolve it at the Adobe forum after I posted this:
    But that just is not a real solution to have a full photoshop CS6 and bridge CS6 installed to use this single small feature.
    Make it work Adobe, and then release a real update!

    1. I was the person who wrote the message offering that solution to your problem in the Forum but, because a great many other people are having the same problem, I am trying to post the answer wherever I see it being discussed — including here!
      Now that the Bridge Team know that the Bug exists, and almost certainly will have a very clear idea of where it is coming from, I think that we can expect them to issue a permanent Fix in fairly short order.
      Meanwhile, I can’t see any inconvenience in keeping both CS6 and CC installed.

      1. “Meanwhile, I can’t see any inconvenience in keeping both CS6 and CC installed.”
        Its not a big inconvenience but its not good practice. Keeping a clean well ordered file structure minimizes future problems. HD space always comes into play. Many people are transitioning to flash drives with “limited space”.

  17. It’s no problem at work where I need the feature. But at home I will wait, so that I notice if Adobe eventually does fix the problem.

  18. The way in which CS6 and CC have been structured, they do NOT conflict and I have no problems with keeping both versions installed.
    My Bridge Caches are in separate places for each version; I use the option to “Export Cache to Folder when possible; and I always use a Central DB for ACR which remains constant for all versions. THe ACR DB gets backed-up automatically.(I NEVER use Sidecars and I don’t bother to make DNGs either!)
    I use a Mac Tower and have multi- TBs of HD space (both internally and as External HDs too) so space is not an issue here.
    And if it does mean keeping one extra app. on your HD until the Fix is posted, I really don’t see any problems with doing that.

  19. Still no fix from Adobe re blank Output panel. None of the ‘official’ solutions are working (for anyone, or so it looks!).
    Using Lightroom, while a great program, is not a good solution to the problem…

  20. Although the Adobe Output Panel Module is available for Bridge CC from it is flawed and does not work.
    However if you copy the Adobe Output Module folder from Bridge CS6, located in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Bridge CS6, to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Bridge CC Extensions, and change all references (3) of ‘CS6’ to ‘CC’ in the file AdobeOutputModule.jsx then you will find that you have a fully functioning Output panel in Bridge CC.

  21. We’ve updated the Output Module files that you download from the document to make them work properly (rather than looking in the CS6 folder). Hacking is no longer required to get this to work.

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