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Zorana Gee talks about writing a coffee table book called “…For San Jose,” which would bestow the left-handed compliment of saying, for example, “Yeah, that’s a great restaurant… for San Jose.”

I’ve wondered this about Instagram videos (and Vine, for that matter): Good, or just hard? Is this stuff worthwhile, or only “good” if you lower your expectations?

I realized, though, it’s like people building with Legos*: It is cool to see what people can do within certain constraints. One doesn’t judge a watercolor using the same criteria as for an oil painting. Different media, differently beautiful. Hey, I didn’t say it was a profound insight, but it’s made me feel better about these ultra-short-form videos as their own genre—and at last I’ve captured one I quite like.

By the way, I’m curious: Do people actually watch videos, and do they capital-L Like them? I’m finding that the vids I’ve posted draw only about one half to one third the likes of a typical photo of mine. Hopefully the companies will someday reveal numbers on actual consumption (and not just sharing) of these vids. I’d love to see whether it increases or decreases over time.

*fine, “LEGO,” pedants

3 thoughts on “Instagram video -> Legos

  1. probably 90% of your videos I can’t even access let alone watch—don’t know if they are blocked (YouTube is here) or what.
    I have that same trouble with some of the Adobe webpages. Adobe TV works fine though.

  2. Take heart, not all of us who like your videos Like your videos. And the Instagram video you posted doesn’t even permit somebody to Like it unless he or she is logged in, and difficult though it may be to believe, we Instagram holdouts are legion.

  3. I Like them. We have never met, but i feel like I already know you because of all of this.
    And, if you keep an open mind, legos, chalk – anyone can make anything to communicate or simply ‘do’ art – some love jackson pollack, others will never even try to ‘get it’ … okay, time to make a sculpture using only old phone chargers that i have no idea why we saved long after the companion phone died, was lost or went for a swim in the porcelain throne.

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