Creative Cloud for teams, now available for single apps

Wait—why does Creative Cloud for teams cost more than the version for individuals? Well, you get more functionality:

The Creative Cloud for teams complete and single app plans are both managed by an easy-to-use, web-based admin console, so your plan administrator can centrally purchase, deploy and manage seats across your organization.

Now there’s a version for teams that need just a single app. It’s $30/mo. (or $20/mo. if you own a CS3 or higher license), and in addition to the single app,

You’ll also get 20GB of storage, the ability to sync, store and share your work and seamlessly collaborate with colleagues, as well as access to Behance ProSite so you can publish to the world’s leading creative community. That’s 1.6 million creative professionals viewing your projects!

This last point is vague: unlike regular posting to Behance, ProSite makes it easy to put up a custom portfolio using your own URL & more.

6 thoughts on “Creative Cloud for teams, now available for single apps

  1. here starts the constant pay more- add-ons that made people fear the subscription model of adobe… “cloud” should not be the name of the subscription as it is the poorest part of its features.

  2. For us It still doesn’t make sense for us to go the “Teams” route. Cost is almost 2x than the individual version. The main benefit is being able to easily manage seats for coming and going employees. We don’t have that much hiring and firing going on… It would be something we would use maybe 1 or 2 times a year. The added 80GB of cloud storage is a Mute point because it would take a ton of convincing to get upper management to approve storing large files with potentially proprietary information on servers outside of our local campus.
    Are there other benefits to going the team route. Right now It looks like if we do sign up it won’t be for another 6 months to a year and it would probably be signing each user under the individual model in order for us to save like $7000 a year.

  3. @Tom Daigon, nice petition just signed it and put it on my G+. Also, I really like the #Adobe2014 plan. I will tweet it as well, and I will hold until 2014 to upgrade my CC.
    @John, sorry, but this cloud stuff, is just a way to milk more dollars from a already highly paying customer base. Adobe had a problem of stagnant customer base (they already got all the creatives) and knew by experiment that it was very hard to get significant revenue stream from new product, so, they changed the licensing terms and apparently sold it to their employees first and a great path for their users. I think creative Adobe employees like yourself should let Adobe Exec evangelize this shameful strategy and take the high road by avoiding this topic. It’s beyond your control, and believe me, it is not good to get to a monopoly situation (as Adobe is win the creative software space) and change the pricing model on its customer base. Subscription might works for some, but definitely not for others, and forcing the hand like to its customer base is just so disingenuous.
    That being said, @Jon, I really appreciate your openness about those discussions, and the fact that you let these comments (even the ones with links) appear on your blog.

    1. @Jeremy Chone… Well said, almost exactly how I feel about it.. Wish the best for the employees. I still hope that Adobe will see the errors in their ways, but losing hope on that. I am a fan of the software, just not the business model they are now forcing on their paying customers.
      My Subscription runs out this month, at this point not been using it much just out of disgust that it is now the only option, and it will be doubling in cost. I think alot of people will be facing that same dilemma in the near future. I don’t make a living using this software, just a tech geek that enjoys playing and being creative. I will go back to CS5, which is still a nice piece of software.
      Sorry John if you are tired of hearing it, but their isn’t much hope that anyone is paying real attention at Adobe. I think Adobe wants to believe it’s just a small bump in the road. Maybe it is, but I doubt it

  4. Oh dear, oh dear……once again Adobe InDesign CC programs are crashing on my Mac (OS 10.8.4) I use InDesign a great deal and InDesign CC has become so unstable I’ve reverted to using all my CS6 programs. I’m not alone, the various forums seem to suggest that others are having problems too. InDesign in particular seems to be especially unstable. This is a shame because it is the one, after Photoshop, I use most (and of course use them in conjunction) Discussions with Adobe difficult (constant passing from one person to another and calls dropping out when I’m being passed around).
    The problem is I have a heavy workload now and just can’t spend all day trying to talk to Adobe and nor can I spend long periods of time trying to sort out the problems with the CC offering. I’ve reverted to CS6 for the time being in order to clear my backlog.
    Please would somebody at Adobe tell me when CC works without crashing..

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