Photoshop 14.1.1 update released

This update addresses a couple of urgent issues:

  • User preferences reset after applying 14.1 update
  • Inadvertent disablement of Graphics Processor Settings with some hardware configurations

There’s also the problem (introduced with Monday’s 14.1.0 update) of layers being deleted when you use the keyboard shortcut F5. The team is working on a fix. Meanwhile the workaround is to choose a different key command for showing/hiding the Brushes panel (via Edit->Keyboard Shortcuts). Sorry for the hassle.

15 thoughts on “Photoshop 14.1.1 update released

  1. Thanks John for being transparent about these fixes. Though the information is much appreciated, the fact that Adobe has changed its business model to more frequent updates, this is usually problematic for production environments that rely on frozen or consistent software functionality and stability. To implement more consistent 1/4 releases would be a better strategy then to have your customers chase a moving target with projects currently in the mix.
    [True: there are real costs to deploying & testing each update in a big production environment. There’s no perfect answer. –J.]
    Then again, I’m not sure if your company gives a shit anymore with their new and so called improved idiotology.
    [Not sure what to say about that one. –J.]

  2. Hi John, is there an eta on the Properties Panel undo bug? It’s been driving me nuts (and plenty of other people too, i’m sure) since release and i logged it on the forums ages ago.

      1. I tried tracking down my earlier bug report, but i was unable to find the post. Basically, you create an adjustment layer, hue/sat for instance, make a slider move in the properties panel and then undo it. The undo happens, but the panel doesn’t update and go back to zero. You have to click either the mask of the adjustment layer or another layer and then go back to the adjustment icon in order for the panel to update properly.
        Thanks for the follow up!

        1. The bug is super annoying and I wonder how it slipped throug quality control in the first place. You notice it when working after three minutes. Perhaps in 14.1.2.

  3. John, almost all of us understand that you are an honest and knowledgeable gentleman who is caught between a rock and a hard place. Thank you for this information.

  4. Thanks, John. It still sucks to subscribe to a perpetual beta product. Adobe needs to provide more release details. I didn’t see that 14.1 Photoshop cc had any fix for the character attributes misreporting bug that corrupts files. I had to ask at the forums to find out there’s a partial “mostly” fix that should make CC safe for most users. I don’t know yet if I’m a “most” user. Will the next update break something critical? We users won’t know until we try it.
    CC trickle down “fixes” broke my CS6. I’ve yet to adopt CC for productive work out of well-founded concern for risking my data. I’m glad I hung onto CS5 because I’m getting close to bailing on Creative Cloud.

  5. I am not a CC subscriber (waiting for the price to go down or a license reversal) but if I was I’d be really worried about these frequent updates which may or may not have gone through extensive testing. I know even programs which release something one every year or two still have issues – for a working environment – frequent releases is not necessarily a good thing.

  6. There are some valid points here. As a long-time user of PS (v2.0), upgrades have always been done during lulls in production so that my staff & I could get to know the software. That in itself is a time-consuming undertaking. When we figure in the fact that our work absolutely *must* be of professional caliber and done efficiently, the learning curve is traversed with more & more diligence at each upgrade.
    And now comes CC. My studio joined up, knowing we’d all be in uncharted waters, and willing to take the risk.
    After this simple 14.0 to 14.1 to 14.1.1 upgrade cycle, we respectfully submit to Adobe to please, please, slow down. Take your time. Get it right. Don’t ruin our toolset simply trying to look good. There is no longer any rush to hit an upgrade cycle. You are free to make the best graphics software without any deadline.
    You are not free to blow shoddy work out the door simply because you can.

  7. Hi there, can you tell if there is any more development done on Photoshop CS6? Thinking about the disappearing cursor problem. I know, its said to be a Apple problem, but anyway.. ?

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