Russell's aerial tour continues

Building on yesterday’s video:

In the second video, Russell Brown will guide you though the process of taking an aerial panorama. This video is taken on location along the California coast and will demonstrate Mr. Brown’s technique for aerial tripod rotation.

Lean how to stitch aerial photographs together with the help of Adobe Camera Raw profiles combined with the Auto Alignment, and Blending features, in Adobe Photoshop CC.

[Adobe TV 1, 2]

One thought on “Russell's aerial tour continues

  1. Russell, I am seriously impressed. It seems that no matter how well you think you know Photoshop, there is always more to learn, and in this case, I learned heaps. Going from a Cylindrical merge to Adaptive wide angle was a quantum leap, because I suspect most of us would have given up half way through the process seeing so much distortion.
    There have been times throughout my life as a photographer that I wished I could fly, just to get in the ideal place to take the shot. You have convinced me that I can actually do that. My head is full of locations to visit and photograph, and I can’t wait to have a go – ever so carefully – with a quadcopter.

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