3 thoughts on “GoldieBlox, Rube Goldberg, & Beastie Boys

  1. Yikes. Let me see if I have this correct…
    Take a song & use it without permission (almost certainly knowing the copyright owners won’t give you permission to use for commercial purposes) then preemptively sue to try and get your commercial useage cleared as parody and then launch a PR campaign claiming that the copyright holder is suing you when they actually are not…
    I don’t care if their toy is great or their motives of getting girls interested in science are pure, that’s really damn slimy.

    1. … yes and yikes (also) – that’s about the sum of it. Plus, some folks have noted that the video by itself was not a noble attempt at anything, given that it amounted to marketing directly to kids. And that the originally copyrighted music was likely plundered in the first instance (from the Isley Brothers) … I see BeastieBlox to be up-and-coming soon at Kickstarter.

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