Photoshop Photography Program extended to Dec. 31

Great news:

We are delighted to announce that we are extending the period that the Photoshop Photography Program is available without restrictions to December 31, 2013. The offer is available to everyone, regardless of whether you have purchased a previous Adobe product. […]

Your response to the initial program has been incredible, well above our expectations, and I am thrilled we are able to extend this program so more of you can take advantage of it.

It’s possible that not all pages on have been updated to reflect this change; that should be resolved shortly.


4 thoughts on “Photoshop Photography Program extended to Dec. 31

  1. Hi, so glad I found this page. I’m definitely going to purchase Creative Cloud, but I’d like the opportunity to try the different applications/programs before I decide on which one is going to best suit my needs. I have the free trial membership but haven’t had the opportunity to use it.
    I do photography and have been quite happy with my CS5, but decided to upgrade to CS6 and discovered the world of CC instead. I was dismayed that I wouldn’t have time to ‘test drive’ it first.
    I’m pretty sure the Photography Program will be exactly what I need, since I don’t have much experience with the other Adobe Applications/Programs. But … always nice to test drive first.

  2. So, when are Adobe going to start addressing the concerns of all us cloud skeptics?
    It’s obvious that you take what we think seriously, given that I got a phone call from a freaking product manager to discuss rent vs. own, and I keep getting increasingly specific surveys from Adobe about my thoughts on renting the cloud vs. owning the suite…but the window to woo me (and people like me) back into the fold is narrowing.

    1. By now the answer should be obvious – never. They might talk about it, they might send e-mails. But as for actually doing something? Adobe has had over a year and has done absolutely nothing – not even issued a statement. Try interacting with the CC team on Facebook for instance – the moment you mention your concerns, they ignore you completely. Praise CC, though, and you get an instant reply. It is pitiful, really.
      I am not buying *any* Adobe software, if I can help it, until this is sorted out. And that includes things like Lightroom 5, which you can thankfully still get a proper perpetual license for.

  3. I confused. The original offer for owners of CS3/later was $9.99/mo for as long as the membership was continued; limited time offer til Dec. 31. Then the new offer open to everyone came along, as $9.99/mo but price only good for one year; still limited time offer til end Dec. 31. Just got off the phone with Adobe, and the rep told me they are the same offer. Price is good for one year only, but no intent currently to increase the price.
    So are they really the same? Annual renewal in BOTH cases allows Adobe to raise the price? Since Adobe says they don’t currently think the price will go up after one year, then what is “limited” by the limited time offer? If the price is going to remain the same through 2014 at least, then what about the offer expires on Dec. 31. The whole CC affair seems like bait and switch.

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