Behold… "Extraneous Lyrics 2013"!

I’m delighted to announce that our team designer Dave Werner, together with our teammate Shaun Saperstein, has released the 2013 edition of his “Extraneous Lyrics” series:

As you might remember from last year’s edition, the videos (now with over 1 million views) feature Dave giving “some of the year’s most popular songs a wordier acoustic mashup treatment.” Each year he raises his technical game: 2012 was all about motion-tracked text in After Effects, and 2013 is a full-on green-screen extravaganza. Here Dave & Shaun take you behind the scenes:


[YouTube 12]

One thought on “Behold… "Extraneous Lyrics 2013"!

  1. Outstanding. I see you are mentioned in the credits John. I was also wondering if Dave is your twin brother – you look very similar.

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