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CC membership is about far more than desktop apps. Helping you actually unlock the power & value of the apps is a key component, and to that end Adobe has just introduced the new Creative Cloud Learn.
The site features hundreds of video tutorials presented by expert trainers from Adobe, Infinite Skills,, Kelby Training, Train Simple, and Peachpit. For example, the Photoshop page is packed with content that spans everything from fundamentals to new CC features to masters-level techniques.

Thoughts? How can we deliver the training content that’s most useful to you, personally?

6 thoughts on “Check out the new Creative Cloud Learn

  1. Personally?
    For basic training content and more particularly documentation, don’t assume customers are going to go out to the internet every time they want to look at it. Treat basic documentation as an installable, or at least optionally installable. If it makes sense for applications, it certainly makes sense for its that application’s most basic documentation.
    Not that trying to learn Premier without even a working help file (say, off the Antarctic coast) doesn’t have its joys. 😉
    Training videos may or may not fit in this model, but then, I generally prefer text to video for training content, and wish all training content came with transcripts. Too many materials are poorly paced for my needs.

  2. It seems that Adobe has now missed its own boat.
    Extensions – which have been regularly featured on the blog here (as per: – are by far the best framework for the presentation of tutorial materials.
    For Photoshop at least it’s possible to have a tutorial open, accessing web-based content, in a separate window right within the application workspace itself. And, for self-paced reference and instruction – meeting what Joe and Gilbert have suggested – I cannot think of anything superior.

  3. I think educational theory would say that a diverse ecology of materials would be the most effective. Everyone has a different learning style.
    I appreciate and understand Joe’s comments about videos being too slow, except I am the other way ’round. I am a miserably slow reader and find videos faster.
    Also, like some, I have to apply the material ASAP or I get board and check out. Thus, I like snippets. For me, the discrete Lynda chapters, the NAPP guy 5 minute tuts, and Brian’s four minute tips my preferred form of consumption.

  4. Something I am missing is an easy way to get to the Release Notes of each new Photoshop CC feature. As they get released, I don´t know where to go get what´s new, now that supposedly new features can be added continually and at any time.

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