2 thoughts on “BBC timelapses captures a train ride in '53, '83, '13

  1. John, you have no idea how emotional I became watching this. In 1953, as a child, I lived right across the street from one of the stations on this line (Haywards Heath, East Sussex). The Brighton Belle would whoosh through every hour. My father was a policeman and the old Victorian-age police station there housed my family for several years. It was – altogether – a remarkable, constabulary experience.
    And, sometimes when I go to sleep in some different place than normal, I can still hear the Southern Region announcer from circa 1953 in my head – ” ..’aywerds ‘eaf, this is ‘aywerds ‘eaf – this train’sfer East Croydon and London Victoria only”.

  2. Ah the whuff, puff, hiss and toot of those old steam trains. I do remember them with such fond affection.
    This all goes to prove, nostalgia just isn’t what it was!

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