Yet more awesomeness comes to Adobe CC video apps

Creative Cloud means continuous innovation. Check out the newest batch:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC has seen four new releases in this year – all within the 6 months since the CC version was announced. Guided by user requests, the Adobe Premiere Pro CC December 2013 release adds Open CL performance enhancements, media management improvements like multiple Media Browser tabs, new editing enhancements for even greater workflow efficiency, and delivers more intuitive voiceover recording.

The After Effects CC December 2013 release offers customizable output of file name and path templates, improved snapping behavior, enhanced scripting options, and the ability to migrate user settings when updating to newer versions.

The December 2013 releases also includes updates to SpeedGrade CC, Prelude CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC and Adobe Anywhere for video. Along with performance enhancements, SpeedGrade also offers expanded camera format support in Direct Link mode. Prelude CC has added support for the latest Adobe Anywhere protocols. Adobe Media Encoder expands Sony XAVC format support, and Adobe Anywhere introduces performance improvements and diagnostic tools for monitoring system status.

I like what my colleague Steve from After Effects had to say:

“Our team turned around this release in a matter of weeks based on direct feedback from our users,” said Steve Forde, senior product manager for After Effects. “With regular Creative Cloud updates, we’re able to continually evolve and enhance our feature set. Your tools just keep getting better.”

One thought on “Yet more awesomeness comes to Adobe CC video apps

  1. yeah well.. to bad they have done a lousy job on fixing bugs.
    that´s why adobe had to issue a warning not to install this AE 12.2 update when your workflow relys on importing from AE projects.
    that´s what happens when you rush releases.
    we are not amateurs.. we want STABLE software.
    we don´t want to be adobes BETATESTERS.
    and that is exactly what happens with these minor releases every few month.

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