Layrs Photoshop panel automates tedious tasks

Layrs looks handy. It promises:

  • Layer name editor
  • Remove unused layer effects
  • Flatten all layer effects
  • Delete empty layers
  • Rasterize all Smart Objects


[Via Eric Snowden]

2 thoughts on “Layrs Photoshop panel automates tedious tasks

  1. Neat. It’s also possible to directly embed Actions in Extensions (for Photoshop). In fact, it’s a little easier than using scripts (as per Layrs).
    I still feel though that the best role for Extensions is as easy-to-use “carriers” for tutorial content – if there’s anyone out there who is interested in a collaboration on that, for Photoshop CC, then please holler – I’d be willing to share what was learnt already on that front …

  2. The Layer Name Editor won’t work for me. When I select two or three layers and click on Layer Name Editor, all of the layers become selected. So it’s useless, unless you want to rename all of the layers.
    PS CC
    Mac 10.8.5

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