How many people post Vines?

Does anyone know? I’ve struggled to find any real info on the subject.

There’s no doubt that Vine coined an idiom (essentially animated GIFs + sound) that’s proven flexible & often compelling in the right hands. I’m less sure, though, that regular people create vines with any frequency. Of the 674 people I follow on Twitter, not one has shared a link in the time frame that Twitter searches.

For my needs Instagram video has been perfect for most cases, taking a huge bite out of my YouTube usage (though that’s changed a bit over the holidays; most Christmas carols won’t fit into 15 seconds!). I suspect that most people find it easier to make compelling content without looping & with more breathing room, and that for most video creation/sharing is a feature rather than a product unto itself.

[Update: If you routinely post vines, please speak up.]

One thought on “How many people post Vines?

  1. I completely agree and have always felt that Vines were a bit pointless. Twitter should have just integrated it as a service within the larger twitter company. It fits more with the ‘bite sized’ information we get from there. They just seem like too much work with too little payoff.

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