The SwatchMate Cube helps you sample color inspiration from the world. Mashable writes,

Utilizing an inner sphere with a light source and a color sensor, the Cube functions as a swatch grabber, recording the color of virtually any object placed underneath it. The Cube then sends the swatch via Bluetooth Low Energy directly to any smartphone into Photoshop; or if the Cube cannot connect to any device, it will store up to a maximum of 20 swatches locally.

[Via Jeff Tranberry]

Meanwhile Polaroid (which is evidently still a thing) has unveiled the rather adorable, GoPro-y C³ camera. CreativePro writes,

For a suggested retail price of $99, the C³ offers a 5MP CMOS Sensor and 120° wide angle lens. It can capture video in 1280 x720 and 640×480, and still images up to 5.0 MP. It’s even waterproof up to 2M. No wireless, though. Images are stored on a micro SD card. Still, don’t you just want to hold one? Or maybe a handful?

2 thoughts on “Cubism

  1. So many folks have tried to create a color swatch capturing device X-Rite is a leader in Spectrophometry devices and they own Pantone, the world leader in color communication systems. What people fail to grasp is that color changes depending on what color light is used, how opaque or translucent the ink or pigment is and what the color of the surface under it is. It is not a simple problem, and these little gadgets are not much use when your iPhone, iPad and monitor all display that color differently.

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