Linked Smart Objects, Smart rectangles in AI, and more are here!

I’m delighted to report that big new updates for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign CC have arrived. To get them, check the Creative Cloud app (Mac menu bar, Windows task tray) If they’re not yet showing up, try this.
Two of the features I’ve wanted & heard designers request the most for years—linked Smart Objects in Photoshop & smart rounded rectangles in Illustrator—are finally here. Check out some of the highlights:

New in Photoshop CC

  • Perspective Warp lets you change the perspective of image content for dramatic effect or to aid in photo-compositing. 
  • Linked Smart Objects make it possible for multiple designers to collaborate on a Photoshop project, saving time and reducing errors.  
  • New 3D printing features enable you to print 3D objects or send to a 3D service bureau for output.

New in Illustrator CC

  • Create perfect, editable rounded corners with the new Live Corners controls
  • Draw more intuitively with the rebuilt Pencil Tool, and use the Path Segment Reshape feature to quickly modify existing objects. 
  • Change the view of perspective drawings, and export responsive SVG code and graphics that resize when viewed on multiple screens.

New in InDesign CC

  • Support for the EPUB 3.0 specification provides new ways to add interactivity to eBooks. 
  • Enhancements to hyperlink creation and editing speed up the creation of EPUBs, PDFs, and iPad apps. 
  • Pop-up footnotes streamline the EPUB reading experience, and support for Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic text allows you to reach new audiences.

InDesign CC and Illustrator CC integration with Typekit desktop fonts

  • Adobe Creative Cloud includes a new way to access and implement fonts in your creative work—Typekit desktop fonts. You can now use fonts across your applications and keep your design vision consistent across projects by syncing fonts to your desktop and using them locally in any application. 
  • This latest release of InDesign CC and Illustrator CC will include tighter integration with the Typekit service. 
  • Offers a convenient new way to browse for fonts during the design process, 
  • Quickly obtain a missing font when working with a collaborator. (InDesign CC only)

12 thoughts on “Linked Smart Objects, Smart rectangles in AI, and more are here!

  1. Aw shucks…..and there I was thinking that Captivate would be brought into CC…..
    Ho hum…..maybe Captivate will be thrown in when they have another upgrade round.
    Here’s hoping

  2. my PS, which opens the A App Mgr, says that I am up to date when I am not.
    When I log into the cloud it also says that I am up to date when I am not.

  3. Anyone else notice that adding a linked smart object added about 130 MB to the Photoshop file?
    Take a look at the bridge images – the logo is 4MB – the background is 24MB – the combined Photoshop file looks to be about 164MB. Unless I’m missing something, that seems like a lot of overhead?

    1. If you embed the file, you have the weight of the file, the rastered representation of it, a filtered representation of it (with smart filters) and potentially a layer mask and a filter mask. Yes. There is more data to keep track of.

  4. I found out why I had a problem, though not sure that I appreciate the reason.
    It turns out that in the A App Mgr preferences the app boxes are not checked by default and I assumed that meant that all app updates would show. The heading says ‘show only these updates’ and then gives a list of installed programs. I thought that meant that one had an option to only show some, but rather if none are checked, none show.
    I have the feeling that before I did not have this problem; the updates just showed. Pretty sure actually, which is of course not the same as being right.

  5. I really like the new features, especially the “What’s New” window that popped up with the handy videos. Bummed they’re not in InDesign though. I’d like a little more info about the interactivity added to ePubs.

  6. Hmmm. I have the opposite problem as some others reporting here. Every day I get a list of applications that need updating, I update them successfully (based on reported version numbers in the finder), and yet I continue to get messages saying that I need to update again.
    [Thanks for the heads-up. I’m asking engineering to investigate, and they may email you if that’s cool. –J.]

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