Hello (again), world!

Hey folks—welcome to my nascent new blog. Clearly it’s a work in progress, but I’ll crank away at that. Meanwhile I’m just hanging this first shingle. May we have fun & learn a lot from one another here.

38 thoughts on “Hello (again), world!

  1. John, I have been following your blog for Adobe for a number of years and decided I would enjoy following you to Google. I have been involved on Google+ for several years. I look forward to your insights and interesting points of view in the future. Best wishes in your new position.

  2. The only reason I stopped by was to see if you’d gotten that tabbing thing fixed 😉

    [I know!! I thought of you & all the other commenters on that point immediately. 🙂 –J.]

  3. Welcome Back, glad you never left. Put you in my dailey “must look at” folder, under your previous light. One of the things I liked about your past life was you had/said stuff i agreed/disagreed with but it was all enjoyable.

  4. Good move, jnack. Best to you, the mizznack, and to the micronaxx, as you don your Google-Goggles and set about preprocessing a new field of fodder for our consumptification!

  5. Things that make you say hmmmm.

    I speak as someone with a couple of decades on you: it’s been my self observation that the more I emphasize that I am still young, the more I am worrying that I am not.


    Congrats again on the move to Google.

  6. aiya; on the LAST day you mention kayaking?

    I know where you should go someday; walk out to the beach; look both ways; NO PEOPLE as far as you can see. (no night clubs either)

    If you are interested, email me. Don’t want to post it and pollute it.

    Good luck.

    (and I too don’t know why Adobe never fixed the loupe in Bridge; so simple, so easy, such a huge improvement; sigh…)


  7. Follow your heart John and do the work that inspires and satisfies your soul. I admire your courage in making this leap. All the best in the new job and I look forward to even more wonderful insights from your blog. Wahlert lives! 😉

  8. While I was happy for you with the new position, I was sad thinking the blog would end, so this a happy day. Insights, wisdom, humour, and links and videos to die for. Keep them coming John, and enjoy your new life at Google.

  9. Thansk to you, John, many of us can say ” I’ve… seen things you people wouldn’t believe.“ (to close your other blog)

    BTW, Your blog was on the central spot of the first page of my iGoogle, and now of my iGhome… What a better way to start the day?

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