From Alice To Ocean, to now

“After seeing the Macintosh and then reading this issue of Macworld,” writes John Siracusa, “I had an important realization in my young life: people made this.”

That’s how I felt upon popping my first CD-ROM into the first Mac I actually owned, at the start of freshman year in 1993. It was From Alice To Ocean, and it blew my mind. It wove Rick Smolan’s gorgeous photography together with Robyn Davidson‘s story of trekking thousands of miles across the Outback with camels:


The work established Rick as my interactive storytelling hero, and his later works (Passage to Vietnam & many others) have kept him there. Now the Alice story is coming to the big screen via the producers of The King’s Speech:

I can’t wait to see it.


3 thoughts on “From Alice To Ocean, to now

  1. I’m looking for a copy or original of From Alice to Ocean. I recently purchased a vintage Apple PowerCd. On the box is a sticker put on by Apple saying they were including 3 CD ROM in the box: 1) Clinton – Portrait of Victory (CD-ROM, 1993), 2) Great Cities of the World, Volume 2, 3) From Alice to Ocean, (CD-ROM).
    I was able to find #1 Clinton, and #2 Great Cities but not #3 and it appears to be the best of the 3.
    If anyone knows of where I can get one or a copy please let me know. There are plenty of the books for sale, but no CD ROMs.
    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA

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