Google adds controls for non-destructive, cloud-synced photography

Google’s been talking about non-destructive, mobile/Web photography for a long time, but until now the benefit has been mostly theoretical: You could apply edits to your images, but you didn’t have an interface for adjusting edits or moving them among images.

Until now.

Check out the newly upgraded G+ editor (i.e. Snapseed for Mac/Windows in all but name) shows the adjustments applied to your image, letting you adjust each one, delete them, and copy them from image to image.

To use the new feature:

  • Open an image in the Google+ Web editor.
  • Apply one or more edits (for example, choose Black & White and then add a frame).
  • Click the “Edits” button in the lower-right corner.
  • Note that each step you’ve applied appears in the list.
  • To change the settings of any step, click its name in the list, then click the pencil icon.
  • To delete a step, click its name in the list, then click the X icon to the right of the name.
  • To copy the appearance you’ve applied on one image to another, click the “Copy” button underneath the list of edits, then use the arrow icons beneath the main image to move to another image, then click “Paste edits” (or “Paste” if edits already exist on the image).

The other interesting thing is that we’re starting to analyze images & then apply editable sets of adjustments. To start we’re detecting certain landscape & urban shots, then applying an interesting combination of blurs, HDR effects, and frames. I think that the combination of computer vision (being able to identify & classify image content) + application of style + editability is really promising.

Enjoy, and please let us know what you think!

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