Layer Tennis returns!

The Game Formerly Known As Photoshop Tennis, originated & hosted by Coudal Partners, is back in action:

Today we’re hosting two live “friendly” matches to kick off a new season of Layer Tennis. They’re just for fun, the real competitions start on Friday, September 12th. The site is new, the archives have been completely mostly reformatted and we’re ready to go. We’ll be hosting remix contests and lots of other fun things this season, so you’ll probably want to get on the list for the skinny on all that. Oh, do you want to play?

I had the honor of providing play-by-play commentary for a match between Khoi Vinh & Nicholas Felton. Afterwards I wanted to build a “Photoshop Remix” app that would be built entirely to enable socially powered creation & remixing. I couldn’t convince Adobe to go for it, and soon enough Khoi came out with his own tool in that vein, Mixel. I was sad to see it fail to find an audience, and to see other collaborative creation tools similarly flame out.

And still I wonder, I wonder… is there a way in which people want to create together?


One thought on “Layer Tennis returns!

  1. I must admit I never “got” PS (now layer) tennis. Oh, I understood the concept. I guess I even understood the execution. But everytime I checked it out, it seemed less like tennis and more like…I don’t know, maybe madlibs or random channel changing.

    I guess it’s because I’m not a “creative”, but it always seemed like a club I could freely watch and enjoy if I chose, but could never join because all affairs were conducted in a language I didn’t understand.

    Back when I was doing live PS shows I considered trying something similar, only with live viewing. Every few minutes control over the screen would pass from one artist to the other, with a host and moderator, the whole thing broadcast as a webinar and recorded. There were technical and legal reasons why I never hosted a match like this, but those are addressable and I still think there’s something there.

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