Wait, YouTube can make video slideshows from your photos?

I had no idea! But, yep, there it is. You can start in simple mode, then optionally jump into an advanced editor (controlling precise sequence, timing, etc.).

Does this kind of visual summarization tool (something making it easier to package up & share a series of moments) strike you as something you’d use? And if so but not in its current form, what would need to change? TIA.



2 thoughts on “Wait, YouTube can make video slideshows from your photos?

  1. While I have all the tools and knowledge to create slideshows (or combinations of slides and short video clips) from scratch, I’ve found that the ease and speed of using Animoto’s system is well worth the money I pay for the privilege. I usually end up wishing that I had a bit more control over timing and other factors, but I know that those abilities usually mean that there would be less automation and more time needed to get it going.

    If YouTube’s slideshow capabilities match Animoto’s or give that additional control when needed without sacrificing speed of creation, then I’m inclined to try it out! If Google were to create a tool along these lines from the Google+ photos/videos, I’d be most interested in seeing it.

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