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Big congrats to all my former teammates for shipping Premiere Clip! It’s a new iPhone/iPad app for telling stories through video. Unlike more traditional tools like iMovie, Clip provides structure (in the form of prefab storycards) & examples. You can apply slow-mo effects, color grades based on Adobe SpeedGrade (once a $50,000/seat app), and more. All the content is synced across devices via Creative Cloud, and you can edit projects directly in Premiere Pro. If you take it for a spin, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


One thought on “Check out Adobe Premiere Clip

  1. Thanks, John, for the pioneering role you played in the conception and development of this great new ap for Adobe. It’s a great product–something that has been needed to simplify the storytelling process for video and multimedia. We will definitely put it to use in our digital storytelling instructional programs.

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