Check out your Year in Photos!

If you’ve been backing up photos & videos via Google+, check out to see the Year in Photos we’ve made you. Here’s mine:

We’d love to hear your feedback about the movies. If you’re not yet using Auto Backup, here’s how to get started. And if for some reason you didn’t get a video but should have (i.e. you’ve uploaded plenty of shots this year), please shoot me a note (john dot nack at gmail) so we can try to get things sorted out. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Check out your Year in Photos!

  1. Mine was cool but although more advanced in the way it was put together (more animation etc), it wasn’t as good as my 2013 Year in Photos from Google.

    That said I think it had a lot to do with the choice of music.

    Have a great new year!

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