5 thoughts on “Flow: A precise, gestural, haptic UI

  1. It is shocking for me to realize it has been that long ago since we got together, and I was so passionate about the leap motion, which has been a real disappointment; the huge battle with the release of cc (which has only dimmed) now your fingerprints are popping up on google. Maybe finally google will have a digital strength with you on board. The next step has to be the entire package in true 3D- no screen, no keyboard, no mouse. verbal command with thought integration, and self contained 3D imagery.

  2. Leap experienced some reverse traction actually, being dropped at the conclusion of a beta program with a version of Corel Painter: http://tinyurl.com/n8aeb4w That was no real surprise in that the controller itself needed to be used exclusively. Or, put the other way around, it couldn’t be used in conjunction with a stylus (for example).
    It seems to me that the Flow team did not make that mistake. But, their prototype in use with Photoshop looks to be only a very minor upgrade on what can be programmed into a Wacom tablet these days: http://tinyurl.com/lcmfjol

  3. Combine it into a mouse and it would be useful, but as yet another controller on a desktop, I can’t see it getting too far.

  4. Can see why you’re jaded – the video doesn’t help – rather too much pretentiousness.
    E.g. “Creative work is less about tools and more about ideas”
    ….. err well – this is just a tool!

    As Kim says – integrated in something else (Mouse, keyboard, tablet) would be cool – but not enough flexibility on it’s own.

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