“Mac to the Future”: The original Mac, reimagined for 2015

Super fun stuff from Curved Labs. Khoi Vinh writes,

This concept design from Curved Labs pays tribute to the original 1984 Macintosh design by reconfiguring a MacBook Air into a novel, beautiful new form factor. […]

I particularly like the way these product photos are shot with a gauzy, full-color sheen and dark background that’s very reminiscent of similar commercial photography from the 1980s. That’s follow-through.

Check out the whole story. I still want to hug that original Mac, built as it is like my little fireplug of a son.


One thought on ““Mac to the Future”: The original Mac, reimagined for 2015

  1. Hate to nitpick, but what’s the deal with the slot on the front? The 3-1/2″ length has no function and is completely decorative, which seems to be contrary to the Apple aesthetic. The SD portion of the slot is theoretically functional, though I’m a bit skeptical that the depth of the structure is sufficient to read an SD card. Steve Jobs would send the designers back for another try.

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