Photoshop 25th: Interviews, icons, source code, and more

  • has put together 25 PS: Insight & Inspiration. Among many other new & old voices, I got to sit down with filmmaker. Scott Erickson. Some of my thoughts are featured in the retrospective section, a bit in desktop publishing piece, and primarily in the evolution movie.
  • Photoshop creator Thomas Knoll participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything last week, talking about how he & his brother John teamed up to create the app. (Like Adobe founder John Warnock & his graphic designer wife Marva, they remain a great right-left brain combo.)
  • Did you know that you can download the source code for Photoshop 1.0 from the Computer History Museum?
  • Below you’ll see PS app icons over the years. I loved the 3.0 icon when it arrived & was sad to see the color go away when 4.0 rolled in. The move to the feather generated enormous controversy internally—but nothing like the outrage over the move to the “periodic table” design with CS3.PS icons
  • Lastly, here’s the Photoshop 1.0 coloring book, featuring the Knoll brothers, PM Steve Guttman, and evangelist Russell Brown.PS coloring

[Via Russell Brown, Marcelo Monzón, and Rui Lopes]

One thought on “Photoshop 25th: Interviews, icons, source code, and more

  1. wow…and I always liked the newer “periodic table” icons. never knew it made so many people mad.

    [Oh yeah—the outrage may even have matched that over the move to subscriptions! —J.]

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