Priime app: filter recommendations + marketplace

PetaPixel reports on the new photography app Priime:

The app goes beyond apps like Instagram, however, with features such as filter suggestions and a filter marketplace.

For each photo being edited with the app, Priime will analyze its properties — things like color palette and dynamic range — and then suggest a certain style to apply as a photo filter. Pre-made filters offered by the app are highly curated looks that were designed in collaboration with well known photographers from around the world [example].

What do you think? I find the idea of content intelligence & revenue sharing with photographers interesting, though boy is it hard to carve out time & mental space for yet another app.

3 thoughts on “Priime app: filter recommendations + marketplace

  1. according to petapixel comments, seems like people prefer creating their own style more than being told what to do by photographers.

  2. Goodness – it’s hard to figure-out why any more of these color tweakers should be all that there is … I don’t find any of the example outputs which are on the Priime website to be truly engaging. In several cases, the original image is preferable (to this old fart). Plus, I’d (still) really like to think that effects which incorporate some spatial transformations could be explored in this type of app – Instafusion Photoblend is a good start.

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