Adobe introduces Comp, a new ideation app for iPad

Draw simple shapes to automatically create layouts that you can use in Adobe desktop apps. Check it out:

Designer Khoi Vinh writes,

It’s not a desktop tool that has been ported to the iPad or a replica of real world art materials, but a wholly different approach to turbo-charging creativity that builds on what the iPad is uniquely suited for […].

He notes the rich type support & gesture library:

Comp CC is the first implementation of the full Typekit catalog, completely optimized for touch and fully embedded for easy access. That alone exponentializes the value of the iPad as a creative tool, if you ask me. […]

Not only can you draw primitive shapes and text objects, but you can also draw rounded image objects, rectangles with chamfered corners, polygons, paragraphs of text, lines of text and headlines.

I’m hoping the app finds a great niche. What do you think?

[YouTube] [Vimeo]

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